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About Me

Deanna McWhirter

Certified Operations Manager

It was in the early part of 2022 when I started to really take a look at where I was at in my career and my life at home. 


I was struggling to meet my career goals, I couldn't find a purpose and I didn't have the flexibility that I needed. I was living my life in three cities: the suburb where my husband and I were raising our family, the big city where my company's office was and the small town 2 hours away where my parents lived. And my mom was sick - very sick.


Yet because I was spread so thin already, I couldn't be one of the caregivers she desperately needed and lost the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her. She passed away in Summer 2022, about the time I had decided to embark on this new career path.

My education to become a Certified Operations Manager took on an entirely different meaning. I had learned from hard experience how important work-life balance is and how much I cared that business owners achieved that same level of freedom and peace of mind that I was seeking. 

You have worked so hard to get where you are and you should be able to enjoy everything in life that is important to you, not just work. Making your operations more efficient and streamlined is how I was meant to help people and I couldn't be more excited to get started helping you!

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